The Coalition

The Coalition

Our Mission

The Mission of COALITION NAVIGATION is to assure that motorboat activity on Canadian waterways are consistent with the need to not exceed the environmental tolerances of each waterway by

  1. proposing new science-based federal legislation standards which would be applied with the help of bathymetric maps,
  2. allowing municipalities and other local governments to exceed the federal standards
  3. assuring collaboration with provincial governments in the application of the new federal legislation and, where applicable, municipal regulations.
Scenic lake view with forests in the background
Scenic lake view with a motorboat in the background

Our Mandates

  • Coordinate the contracting out of environmental studies to universities to:
    1. close gaps in knowledge of environmental impacts of various types of motorboats in various types of marine environments;
    2. be consistent with the requirements for science-based federal legislation on waterway environmental tolerances and community considerations; 
  • Assure that science defines the legislative parameters and vice versa.
  • Raise awareness of all stakeholders concerned of the importance to have navigation legislation that reflects the environmental tolerances of Canada’s waterways as inaction will definitely lead to irremediable environmental damage to the heritage at the local/community, as well as regional and national, levels.
  • Assure that the COALITION NAVIGATION becomes too important for the Government of Canada to ignore
  • Present the Government of Canada with well-thought out science-based legislation taking into account local and national considerations.
  • Collect donations, bequests, securities, real estate and other forms of contributions for the purposes of financing the needs of the COALITION NAVIGATION regarding research, promotion, professional services, financing and other.
Scenic lake view with forests and mountains in the background

Our Vision

The COALITION NAVIGATION will exercise it‘s influence as a pan Canadian group representing citizen’s associations, environmental organizations, local governments and other stakeholders from across Canada with an aim of introducing a new legislative framework that is science-based, within or outside of the Canada Shipping Act, as ultimately deemed most appropriate. The science-based approach will be the product of numerous studies by university research organizations on behalf of the COALITION NAVIGATION and its sponsors from local governments and associations. This approach will also include consultations with other federal ministries and levels of government as well as local stakeholders to assure:

  1. local considerations are reflected
  2. legislative synergies pertaining to motor boats among the Acts affecting Canada’s waterways.

Our History

In 2013, a group of residents of different lakes got together to address a growing problem to the effect that the proliferation of motor boats on Canadian waterways, powerful and some more conventional boats, incurred impacts beyond the environmental tolerances of the waterways concerned. Today, there are 12 administrators in the COALITION NAVIGATION, all well-motivated to resolve the challenges once and for all with modern science-based legislation.

Scenic lake view with motorboat in the background

The Challenge

     Communities from across Canada are unable to find environmental solutions within the current legislative framework that applies to navigable waters. For most communities or regions, attempts to reach a consensus failed to adequately address the matter of environmental tolerances. And with each year, the numbers of problematic motorboats on Canadian waterways increases without any solution in sight.We are unable to address the environmental impact issues because the federal law which applies, the Canada Shipping Act is out of date and gives rise to irresolvable community debates. Within the current federal legislative framework, communities are powerless regarding the protection of the environment associated with the impacts of motorboats.

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Our Objective

The objective of our Coalition is to end the current anarchy on Canadian navigable waters stemming from the dated Canada Shipping Act. The Act primarily concerns safety, the minimization of obstacles to navigation and the rights of navigators. As such, it is ill-suited to address environmental issues and can only be applied to environmental considerations in exceptional circumstances via a process that can go on as long as 6 years.

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Canada Shipping Act

What is an especially serious deficiency of the Act is that Transport Canada encourages non-regulatory solutions by way of voluntary codes of conduct with a near 100% consensus. In the majority of cases this leads to a consensus of the lowest common denominator where the environment loses out or irresolvable debates from coast to coast.

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Studies & Laws

This being the case, the COALITION NAVIGATION is bringing together legislative and scientific expertise to conceive science-based legislation reflecting waterway-specific environmental tolerances. To this end, national standards will be applied to bathymetric maps to define restrictions on boats. These minimum requirements will allow for municipalities to exceed the federal standards should they so desire.

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Get Involved

And in doing so, the COALITION NAVIGATION is inviting citizens, residents’ associations, municipalities, regional and provincial government, scientists and additional legal advisors to do their part in saving our waterways.