Our Team

Our Team

Meet Our Passionate Crew

Piché, Daniel

President & Representations

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the COALITION NAVIGATION since 2014 ; 
  • Founding member and vice-president of APELS des Sables between 2007 and 2010 ; 
  • Participant in the implementation of the municipal by-laws on the regeneration of shorelines (banning of mowing and deforestation within 10m, banning of fertilizers and pesticides) ; 
  • Establishment of regulations on restricted areas and speed zones on lac des Sables ; 
  • Establishment of a code of conduct for users of the lake ; 
  • Manager responsible for the municipal boat ramp in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts since 2007 ; 
  • Development and implementation of a pleasure craft control system ; 
  • Initiator of the construction and creation of the boat washing station at lac des Sables ; 
  • Establishment of a nautical patrol ; 
  • Patrol volunteer at lac des Sables ; 
  • Instigator (with Will Dubitsky) of Laval University’s study on “Sediment Resuspension of Sediments – Case of lac Masson and lac des Sables case» and active participant in this study ; 
  • Identification and recruitment of sponsors for the above-mentioned study ; 
  • Organizer and coordinator of the above-mentioned study. 

Cloutier, Denise

Vice-President & Public Relations

  • Denise Cloutier is now Executive Director of the Laval Water Interpretation Centre, having been a member of the Board for seven years. The centre’s mission is to promote the protection and responsible use of water ; 
  • Before accepting this position in 2017, she was a consultant with her company Arrimage.Com Inc., dedicated to improving the efficiency of integrated water management in Quebec ; 
  • She acted for nearly 20 years as a municipal councillor and has a B.A.A. HEC, specialized in Marketing / International Management and a Master’s degree in Environment from the University of Sherbrooke ; 
  • Involved in culture, agrotourism, and environment, she helped found three organizations, including COBAMIL (Thousand Islands Watershed Council), which she has chaired since 2010 ; 
  • Member of the Strategic Council of the Upper St. Lawrence and Greater Montreal Regional Concertation Table for the Integrated Management of the St. Lawrence and on the Boards of Directors of the Quebec Watershed Organization (ROBVQ) and Laurel Lake Association. 
  • She is involved in the Board of the Coalition Navigation for Responsible and Sustainable Navigation as a delegate of ROBVQ. 

Duperron, Pierrette


  • In her capacity entailing over 30 years experience as a project manager on sustainability programs, Ms. Duperron worked closely with heads of private companies and public organizations ; 
  • Upper Laurentians resident since 2012, she is actively involved in the Alliance of Associations for the protection of lakes and rivers of the Upper Laurentians (Regroupement des associations pour laprotection des lacs et cours d’eau des Hautes-Laurentides/RAP-HL), an organization whose mission is to coordinate and support lake associations and volunteers involved in the protection of our waterways. 

Gauthier, Johanne

Director, Public Relations

  • Waterfront resident on Lake Achigan since 2003, member and director of APLA (Association for the Protection of Lake Achigan) since 2004, and president since 2009 ; 
  • In 2015, the APLA was the prizewinner of the CARA COMMUNITY SECTOR award (Assomption River Management Corporation) for an effective transition plan to address cyanobacteria and water body eutrophication reduction ; 
  • Among her achievements, she was an active participant in the implementation of a municipal Shoreline Regeneration Regulation, the setting up of a code of  ethics, the preparation of an INFO LAC brochure, the adoption of a regulation on the systematic drainage of septic tanks, the creation of a boat washing municipal station, the adoption of a municipal by-law requiring that all boats must be washed prior launching on Lake Achigan, the adoption of a municipal by-law to the effect  that all motorized crafts, other than those with electric motors, shall be equipped with an hydrocarbon recovery device (also known as “booms » or bilge sponges), and lastly the setting up of a municipal nautical patrol in municipality of Saint Hippolyte. 

Sicotte, Chantal


    • Chantal has been involved with Ottawa Riverkeeper since 2016 ; 
    • As part of a certificate in Group Intervention and Leadership from St-Paul University, she participated in the initiative to raise the profile of the Gatineau Declaration Rallying Project, wich was tabled at the 2015 Ottawa River Summit and which lays out a unified vision to protect the river ; 
    • She was the volunteer coordinator for Ottawa Riverkeeper from September 2016 to September 2017 and then joined the riverwatcher team in spring 2018, including assisting the gathering of water attributes and sampling for microplastics.  She supports the organization in a multitude of education activities as well as in raising awareness on the importance of maintaining the health of the Ottawa River watershed ; 
    • Chantal holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Macdonald College at McGill University. 


Britt, Claude

Director, Recruiting

  • A waterfront resident since 1999, he was involved in data capture according to the protocol developed under the Voluntary Lake Monitoring Network (LSVS) and the Lake Xavier Water Quality CommitteeHe holds a bachelor’s degree (BSC) in geology. 

Will, Dubitsky

Legislation, Representations in English Canada

  • Founder of the Coalition for Responsible and Sustainable Navigation and was president from 2014 to 2019; 
  • Former employee of the Government of Canada focused primarily on green economy policies, legislation, projects and other related initiatives until his retirement in June 2012; 
  • Author of articles on the green economy and the decline of the fossil fuel sectors, comparing other developed countries with Canada for, among others, The National Observer, Ricochet and Canadian Dimension. 

Leduc, Michel

Representation and Public Relations

  • Founding President of the Association of Residents and Friends of Richelieu, May 2007 ; 
  • Psychoeducator from 1981 to 2005, Family Counseling, specialized in “post-trauma”.    BoscovilleMontreal Youth Center, Montreal CIUSS ; 
  • Administrator at the CREM (Regional Centre for the Environment of Montérégie) and member of the Executive, 2018 ; 
  • Speaker at Causeries Champlain, 2019, “Water and Land Use Planning » ; 
  • Artist-painterwww.michelleduc.ca 
  • Director elected to the Board of the Coalition for Responsible an Sustainable Navigation in October 2020. 

Isabelle, Paul

Director, Head of Scientific Research

Industrial designer with training in mechanical engineering. Self-taughtbilingual. 


  • Co-founder of the Sergent Lake APPELS and director from 2004 to 2010 ;  
  • City of Lac-Sergent Sanitation Network (2015): Member of the construction committee, project coordinator, video production and communications ;  
  • Initiator of the Watershed Council and participant in the consultation table of the discharge of Lake Sergent by CAPSA ;  
  • Responsible for the Lake Sergent City’s environmental master plan and written by Watershed Monitoring (Sonja Behmel) ;  
  • Scientific leader for the initiation and follow-up of the “Study on The Suspension of Sediments – Case of lac Masson and lac des Sables at Laval University in 2015 ; 
  • Fundraising (City of Lac-Sergent, City of St-Raymond, APLSI, APELSJ) and follow-up of the “Research of Literature” and development of a test protocol to document the effects of motorized boats, in collaboration with Laval University (2016). 

François, Jacob


  • Owner at Cameron Lake since 1984 and permanent resident ;  

Semi-retired since 2014 ; 

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Vacationers in the Vicinity of Lake Cameron (AVEC) since 2018, François is responsible for the annual dues and the conditional uses file (short term rental Airbnb) ; 
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Protection of Lakes and Rivers of the Upper Laurentians (RAP-HL) ; 
  • Member of the EWC of OBV RPNS (Red, Small Nation and Salmon Rivers Watershed Organization) ; 
  • Insurance broker since 1984. 

Behmel, Sonja

Ph.D, Limnologist

  • Sonja Behmel is CEO and Cofounder of WaterShed Monitoring Canada and Europe. She is also associate professor in the École supérieure d’aménagement du territoire et de développement régional (ÉSAD) at the Université Laval in Quebec City, as well as scientific coordinator at Agiro and environmental delegate for the Association des propriétaires des lacs Perreault et Fin (APLPF) ; 
  • Geographer specializing in limnology, Sonja Behmel holds a doctorate in land use planning and regional development and has many years of experience in water management in Canada and Europe. Listed twice on the Honour Roll of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at the Université Laval and named as “inspiring student” in the university’s annual report to the community 2018-2019, she demonstrates her commitment by supervising graduate student studies at Canadian and European universities, as well as by signing numerous publications. Sonja Behmel has been working for ten years as a scientific coordinator at Agiro ; 
  • In 2013, she joined forces with academics and business people to found WaterShed Monitoring, a Canadian company, now established in Europe, which aims to provide stakeholders involved in integrated water management with technological and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of storing and analyzing water quality data, while providing optimization and coaching services to facilitate knowledge acquisition and to meet water management needs as well as vulnerability analyses, urban planning and scientific research opportunities ; 
  • At Agiro, Sonja Behmel has been planning and coordinating all water quality monitoring activities in lakes and rivers of the Saint-Charles river watershed for the past ten years. In addition, she is actively involved in advocacy for citizens, elected officials, students, media, etc. ; 
  • As an environmental delegate for the APLPF for 13 years, she has been contributing, as an environmental delegate on awareness-raising projects for residents of the Lake Perreault and Lake Fin, as well as a member of the  

lakes environment Committee of the Municipality of Saint-Ubalde, MRC of Portneuf. 

Hébert, André Philippe

Director and Engineering Advisor

  • Since 2007, member of the Board of Directors of the Laurel Lake Association, responsible for the Environment Committee :  
  • Organizer and trainer, especially for water sampling, periphyton measurement and invasive plant control, including the Eurasian water-milfoil for which I developed a protocol of controlled removal in diving with fragment gatherers, with the help of the C.I.E.L. (Centre for Interpretation of Laurentian Waters) ;  
  • President of the CCE (Environmental Advisory Council) of the Municipality of Lac-des-Seize-Îles from 2015 to 2018 ;  
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the OBV (Watershed Organization) COBAMIL (Council of the Watershed of the Rivière-des-Mille-Îles) when it was created in 2010 ;  
  • Life member of the CIEAU (Water Interpretation Centre in Laval) ;  
  • President of the OBV RPNS (Red, Small Nation and Salmon Rivers Watershed Organization) ;  
  • Vice-President of Arrimage.Com Inc.  (Environmental and Civil Engineering Firm);  
  • Since 2015, on the basis of mandates as needed, civil and/or municipal engineer in support of the Municipality of Wentworth North in the Laurentians ;  
  • RDMI Issue holder and mentor for the AquaHacking Challenge on the Rivière-des- Mille- Îles – “Ice Cover and Climate Change” on two components : 1) the impact on aquatic flora and fauna under the ice and 2) the carrying capacity of increasingly thin ice  
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the COALITION FOR RESPONSIBLE AND SUSTAINABLE NAVIGATION and involved during the summer 2020 raising awareness of boaters on the Ottawa River for “The Right Boat in the Right Place ; 
  • Graduate in Civil Engineering, specialized in “Municipal and Road”, Master of Transportation, Continuing Environmental Training. 

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