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Across Canada, citizens have attempted to resolve their challenges in the increasing numbers of on their respective waterways with a voluntary consensus as prescribed by Transport Canada under The Canada Shipping Act.. This Act dating back to Confederation neither addresses the environmental impacts of certain types of powerful motorboats designed to make huge and forceful waves, such as boats equipped with ballasts for wakeboarding, nor the increases in the numbers of motorized pleasure craft in finite surface areas of each water body that exceed the environmental tolerance of our waterways. It is time to bring this legislation up-to-date. 

Consequently, COALITION NAVIGATION encourages support of its important research to assure that Canada has science-based legislation that address modern day realities.

Declaration of Support

In the absence of effective and adequate legislation to protect the marine environment regarding motorized pleasure craft activities on Canadian water bodies, our organization endorses, or I endorse, the COALITIONs nation-wide approach to develop for, and submit to, the Government of Canada, legislative solutions based on the application of national scientific standards related to waterbody-specific environmental characteristics and tolerances.


COALITION NAVIGATION welcomes all volunteers because the gathering of small communities across Canada, in addition to large urban centers, is undoubtedly ambitious. With so much to do, recruitment, rresearch strategy, technologic development, legislative content and funding, each volunteer will have the opportunity to choose the tasks that interest her or him.

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