Our lakes and rivers, a heritage to protect

The Coalition for Responsible and Sustainable Navigation (hereby called COALITION NAVIGATION) is a pancanadian non-profit organization working to ensure that legislation governing the use of motorboats protects the ecosystems of Canada’s waters and waterways. Since 2013, the organization has developed and submitted legislative proposals to the federal government to regulate the use of water boats on lakes based on scientific recommendations. in order to the use of motorized watercraft on water bodies bodies of water Canada’s waterways.  


The goal of the Coalition for Responsible and Sustainable Navigation is to ensure that motorboat operations on Canadian waterways comply with regulations and do not exceed the environmental tolerances of the waters.The organization also seeks to educate boaters about the negative impacts of boating on waterways.


Supported by its members and partners, the COALITION NAVIGATION prides itself on bringing people across Canada together to help protect the environment.Through the support, donations and dedication of our members and volunteers, together we influence and positively protect our ecosystems.


Our Mission

The COALITION FOR RESPONSIBLE AND SUSTAINABLE NAVIGATION (hereby called COALITION NAVIGATION) was created with the aim of ensuring that legislation regarding the use of motorboats takes into account ecosystem protection of water bodies in Canada.


COALITION NAVIGATION wants the Canadian government to :
– adopt and implement environmental science-based regulations to protect the quality of our water bodies.
– To this end, Coalition Navigation will fund well-founded scientific research to fill knowledge gaps.

Get Involved

The COALITION NAVIGATION needs your support to put pressure on the government to protect our water bodies, and especially our waterways. We are seeking your testimonies regarding approaches or practices (policies, regulations, etc.) that have been developed or adopted here in Canada or elsewhere to protect water bodies. Any donations received contribute greatly to the spread of our message across Canadian provinces and to the Canadian government.

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