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  1. Coordinate the contracting out of environmental studies to universities to:grenouilles 001
    1. close gaps in knowledge of environmental impacts of various types of motor boats in various types of marine environments;
    2. be consistent with the requirements for science-based federal legislation on waterway environmental tolerances and community considerations;
  2. Assure that science defines the legislative parameters and vice versa.
  3. Raise awareness of all stakeholders concerned of the importance to have navigation legislation that reflects the environmental tolerances of Canada’s waterways as inaction will definitely lead to irremediable environmental damage to the heritage at the local/community, as well as regional and national, levels.
  4. Assure that the COALITION NAVIGATION becomes too important for the Government of Canada to ignore
  5. Present the Government of Canada with well-thought out science-based legislation taking into account local and national considerations.
  6. Collect donations, bequests, securities, real estate and other forms of contributions for the purposes of financing the needs of the COALITION NAVIGATION regarding research, promotion, professional services, financing and other.