The Coalition


By Will Dubitsky and Daniel Piché, President and Vice-President of Coalition Navigation

The Coalition for Responsible and Sustainable Navigation has been created to gather nation-wide support to influence the Government of Canada to adopt regulations on motorized pleasure craft use based on environmental sciences.  To this effect, we have met, and initiated a dialogue, with Transport Canada on sustaining motor boat activity without exceeding the environmental tolerances of our waterways.

Specifically, the present legislation, The Canada Shipping Act, under the authority of Transport Canada, is dated in that it does not address the finite environmental tolerances of our water bodies with respect to the proliferation of modern and powerful motorized pleasure craft.  We must develop defendable solutions, science-based, that put an end to futile local debates over voluntary codes of conduct, codes currently prescribed and by Transport Canada.

In this regard, the Coalition has 1) a research program and 2) produced preliminary legislative drafting instructions.  How does this work?  We know, for example, that wake boats with ballasts engaged require a 600-metre-wide passageway and 5 metres of water depth to avoid negative environmental impacts.  This information can be applied to any bathymetric map to classify an entire water body and/or sections of a water body.

The 2018 Coalition research will focus on various types of other motor boats and the cumulative impacts of large volumes of motor boat activity.

The legislative drafting instructions would establish national standards reflecting our research findings while allowing municipalities, if they so wish, to exceed these standards.

The conclusion is that those concerned about the impacts of growing numbers of motor boats on marine environments must act now, and together, across the country, to achieve these goals.  I invite you to check out the rest of this site for further information.


Will Dubitsky, President

Daniel Piché, Vice-President