The challenge

Communities from across Canada are unable to find environmental solutions within the current legislative framework that applies to navigable waters.

For most communities or regions, attempts to reach a consensus failed to adequately address the matter of environmental tolerances. And with each year, the numbers of problematic motor boats on Canadian waterways increases without any solution in sight.

We are unable to address the environmental impact issues because the federal law which applies, the Canada Shipping Act is out of date and gives rise to irresolvable community debates.

Within the current federal legislative framework, communities are powerless regarding the protection of the environment associated with the impacts of motor boats.


            Current Federal Legislation: The Canada Shipping Act

The objective of The COALITION FOR RESPONSIBLE AND SUSTAINABLE NAVIGATION is to end the current anarchy on Canadian navigable waters stemming from the dated Canada Shipping Act.

The Act primarily concerns safety, the minimization of obstacles to navigation and the rights of navigators. As such, it is ill-suited to address environmental issues and can only be applied to environmental considerations in exceptional circumstances via a process that can go on as long as 6 years.

What is an especially serious deficiency of the Act is that Transport Canada encourages non-regulatory solutions by way of voluntary codes of conduct with a near 100% consensus. In the majority of cases this leads to a consensus of the lowest common denominator where the environment loses out or irresolvable debates from coast to coast.

This being the case, the COALITION NAVIGATION is bringing together legislative and scientific expertise to conceive science-based legislation reflecting waterway-specific environmental tolerances. To this end, national standards will be applied to bathymetric maps to define restrictions on boats. These minimum requirements will allow for municipalities to exceed the federal standards should they so desire.

And in doing so, the COALITION NAVIGATION is inviting citizens, residents’ associations, municipalities, regional and provincial government, scientists and additional legal advisors to, as per their respective preferences,;

The above-mentioned support is essential for the COALITION NAVIGATION to stand firm faced with powerful lobbies attempting to divert the government’s attention.