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Across Canada, citizens have attempted to resolve their challenges in the increasing numbers of motor boats on their respective waterways with a voluntary consensus as prescribed by Transport Canada under The Canada Shipping Act. This legislation dating back to Confederation is inadequate as it did not foresee the days when motor boats that exceed the environmental tolerance of our waterways would pose serious problems. It is 2016, and it is time to bring this legislation up-to-date and take into account the type of pleasure craft that pose serious problems to the protection of the waterways environments across Canada.

The COALITION NAVIGATION therefore encourages the support of our important research to assure that Canada has science-based legislation that address modern day realities.

COALITION NAVIGATION welcomes with open arms all the volunteers because the gathering of small communities across Canada, in addition to large urban centers, is undoubtedly an ambitious approach. With so much to do, recruitment, research strategy, technologic development, legislative content and funding, each volunteer will have the opportunity to choose the tasks that interest him