The Coalition

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This post is also available in: French In 2013, a group of residents of different lakes got together to address a growing problem to the effect that the proliferation of motor boats on Canadian waterways, powerful and some more conventional boats, incurred impacts beyond the environmental tolerances of the waterways concerned. Today, there are 11 …

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This post is also available in: French The COALITION NAVIGATION will exercise it‘s influence as a pan Canadian group representing citizen’s associations, environmental organizations, local governments and other stakeholders from across Canada with an aim of introducing a new legislative framework that is science-based, within or outside of the Canada Shipping Act, as ultimately deemed …

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This post is also available in: FrenchThe Mission of COALITION NAVIGATION is to assure that motor boat activity on Canadian waterways are consistent with the need to not exceed the environmental tolerances of each waterway by proposing new science-based federal legislation standards which would be applied with the help of bathymetric maps, allowing municipalities and …

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This post is also available in: French Coordinate the contracting out of environmental studies to universities to: close gaps in knowledge of environmental impacts of various types of motor boats in various types of marine environments; be consistent with the requirements for science-based federal legislation on waterway environmental tolerances and community considerations; Assure that science …

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Who are we?

This post is also available in: FrenchBOARD OF DIRECTORS     DUBITSKY, WILL – President, research, legislation et representations Retired from the Government of Canada in June 2012, Mr. Dubitsky’s responsibilities for the federal government entailed sustainable development activities, more specifically related to policies, programs, legislation, projects and other initiatives. He is the author of …

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