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Will Dubitsky  DUBITSKY, WILL – President, research, legislation et representations

  • Retired from the Government of Canada in June 2012, Mr. Dubitsky’s responsibilities for the federal government entailed sustainable development activities, more specifically related to policies, programs, legislation, projects and other initiatives.
  • He is the author of a roadmap offering a comprehensive palette of options to accelerate the implementation of green economy in Canada, based on 1) models from around the world, adapted and improved to fit a Canadian context and 2) Government of Canada experiences pertaining to previous climate change action plans – As well, he is a contributing author of articles for the online journal The Common Sense Canadian.
Daniel Piché  PICHÉ, DANIELVice-president and representations
Well-known musical arranger and conductor, Mr Piché, has several achievements to its credit in the musical and arts business.

  • Founding member and vice-president of APELS des Sables between 2007 and 2010
  • Participant in the implementation of the municipal by-laws on the regeneration of shorelines (banning of mowing and deforestation within 10m, banning of fertilizers and pesticides)
  • Establishment of regulations on restricted areas and speed zones on lac des Sables
  • Establishment of a code of conduct for users of the lake
  • Manager responsible for the municipal boat ramp in Sainte-Agathe since 2007
  • Development and implementation of a pleasure craft control system
  • Initiator of the construction and creation of a boat washing station
  • Establishment of an official nautical patrol
  • Patrol volunteer at lac des Sables
  • Instigator (with Will Dubitsky) of the Université Laval’s study on “Sediment Resuspension related to the Water Columns of the “Wake Boats”
  • Identification and recruitment of sponsors for the above-mentioned “wake boats” study
  • Organizer and coordinator of the “wake boat study”
Pierrette Duperron DUPERRON, PIERRETTESecretary-Treasurer
In her capacity entailing over 30 years experience as a project manager on sustainability programs, Ms. Duperron worked closely with heads of private companies and public organizations. Upper Laurentians resident since 2012, she is actively involved in the Alliance of Associations for the protection of lakes and rivers of the Upper Laurentians (Regroupement des associations pour la protection des lacs et cours d’eau des Hautes-Laurentides )(RAP- HL), an organization whose mission is to coordinate and support lake associations and volunteers involved in the protection of our waterways.
Denise Cloutier Denise Cloutier   Administrator, Administration and Public Relations

  • Denise Cloutier is now Executive Director of the Laval Water Interpretation Center, having been a member of the Board for seven years. The center’s mission is to promote the protection and responsible use of water.
  • Before accepting this position in 2017, she was a consultant with her company Arrimage.Com Inc., dedicated to improving the efficiency of integrated water management in Quebec.
  • She acted for nearly 20 years as a municipal councillor and has a B.A.A. HEC, specialized in Marketing / International Management and a Master’s degree in Environment from the University of Sherbrook.
  • Involved in culture, agro-tourism, and environment, she helped found three organizations, including COBAMIL (Thousand Islands Watershed Council), which she has chaired since 2010.
  • She also sits on the Strategic Council of the Upper St. Lawrence and Greater Montreal Regional Concertation Table for the Integrated Management of the St. Lawrence and on the Boards of Directors of the Quebec Watershed Organization (ROBVQ) and Laurel Lake Association.
  • She is involved in the Board of the Coalition as a delegate of ROBVQ.
Claude Britt BRITT, CLAUDE – Director, recruiting
Waterfront resident since 1999, he participated in the capture of data according to the protocol developed as part of the voluntary monitoring network of lakes (RSVL) and the Committee on the quality of water from Lake Xavier. He holds a bachelor’s degree (BSc) in geology.
Carmenza GRANADOS, CARMENZA – Director, communications
Mrs. Granados sits on the board of the Corporation of residents of lake Xavier. She heads the committee on the quality of the lake water. She has worked in cultural enterprises and works in administration.
  ISABELLE, PAULDirector, scientific research

  • Industrial Designer with mechanical engineering education. Self-learner, bilingual
  • Association pour la protection de l’environnement du lac Sergent: Co-founder and Director from 2004 to 2010
  • Réseau d’assainissement de la Ville de Lac-Sergent (2015) (Sewage Treatment Network): Member of the construction committee, project coordinator, and producer of videos and communications
  • CAPSA (Watershed organization) (Organisme de bassin versant: Rivières Ste-Anne, Portneuf et secteur La Chevrotière): Initiator of the Conseil de Bassin versant and participant in the consultations concerning the discharge of lac Sergent (under the leadership of CAPSA) – Responsible for the environmental master plan for the Municipality of Lac-Sergent, as prepared by Watershed Monitoring
  • Conception of project, formulation of protocol and oversight of a study undertaken by Université Laval concerning the study on Suspension of sediments on the lakes Masson and des Sables (2015)
  • Conception, aligning of sponsors and oversight of research for a Literature Review to Document the Harmful Impacts of Motor Boats in Various Marine Environments, a study undertaken by Université Laval and sponsored by the municipalities of Lac-Sergent and St-Raymond; the Association des propriétaires du Lac-Sept-Îles; the Association pour la protection de l’environnement du lac St-Joseph and the federal-provincial program MITACS, which covered 50% of the costs.
                           Diane Berthelette lives on one of the shores of Lac Bleu, in Saint-Hippolyte. She is an anthropologist and holds a doctorate in public health from the Université de Montréal. When she retired in 2015, she was a full professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal. She has devoted her academic activities, for more than twenty-five years, to the development of evaluative research in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and to the teaching of OHS management and research methods.

Ms. Berthelette has participated on several boards of directors and ministerial committees. She notably chaired the working group that recommended the creation of the Quebec Social Innovation Award, the Marie-Andrée Bertrand Award. She also led the Psychosocial Intervention and Prevention Liaison Center from 2009 to 2014 as President and CEO. This non-profit organization’s mission is to foster the sharing of scientific knowledge to improve psychosocial interventions.


GAUTHIER, JOHANNE Director and public relations

  • Waterfront resident on Lake Achigan since 2003, member / director of APLA (Association for the Protection of Lake Achigan) since 2004, and President since 2009 to-date.
  • In 2015, the APLA was the prizewinner of the CARA Community Sector award (Assomption River Management Corporation) for an effective transition plan to address cyanobacteria and water body eutrophication reduction.
  • Achievements: active participant in the implementation of a Municipal Shoreline Regeneration Regulation; the setting up of a code of  ethics ; the preparation of an INFO LAC brochure; the adoption of a regulation on the systematic drainage of septic tanks; the establishment of a boat washing municipal station; ;the adoption of a municipal by-law requiring that all boats must be washed prior launching on Lake Achigan; the adoption of a municipal by-law to the effect  that all motorized vessels, other than boats with electric motors, shall be equipped with an hydrocarbon recovery device (commonly known as “booms and / or bilge sponges”); and lastly the setting up of a municipal water patrol in Saint Hippolyte.

DEZIEL, ROCHÈRE Director and public relations

  • As a real estate agent for more than 5 years, and has been riverside for 4 years at Lac Barron, a navigable lake in Gore in the Laurentians, she is often called upon to comment on the delicate subject of impacts on our lakes caused by human activities.
  • Native of Montreal, she took up residence in Morin-Heights 22 years ago.
  • As a member of the Lake Barron association for 4 years, she also participated in the characterization of exotic and indigenous aquatic plants at Barron Lake, in accordance with the protocols and with 2 accredited biologists, for the CRE Laurentides program in the MRC d Argenteuil.
  • Having over 10 years of experience in the magnificent world of marine aquaristics, and having had the pleasure of having a saltwater aquarium of more than 180 gallons, during these 10 years, she is naturally fascinated by everything which is marine ecosystems, but also our lakes, rivers and our wonderful rivers.
  • In his spare time and by personal conviction, Richère is also involved in the defense of animal rights, and occasionally volunteers for this cause.

DESROCHERS, Yvon Director, public relations and webmaster

  • Currently President – ARRLJ (Association of Riparian and Lake Joseph residents) and 2nd VP of GROBEC – Consultation Group of catchment areas in the Bécancour area.
  • More than 20 years of experience such as VP for Quebecor Media, HMV Canada and Capitol Records Retail Operations and Purchases, as well as Managing Director of the BMG Qc Group (Bertelsman Music Group).
  • Computer training, business management in Canada and general education in mkt, adm., Finance, H.R. with the American Management Association.
  • Main passion is music. Part-time musician in seniors’ residences in the Greater Montreal area.


Legal advisor: Jean-François Girard, biologist and lawyer, specializing in environmental law at the firm Dufresne, Hébert, Comeau